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About Zombiedogz

Max the dog had been turned into a zombie during a terrible outbreak, but he retained many of the same lovable characteristics he had possessed when he was alive.

One day, Max discovered that he had the ability to travel through time. He realized that by using his powers, he might be able to go back in time and prevent the zombie plague from ever occurring.

Determined to save the world, Max began traveling through time, searching for the root cause of the zombie outbreak. He visited ancient civilizations, futuristic cities, and everything in between, looking for clues that might help him understand the source of the zombie plague.

As Max traveled through time, he encountered many challenges and dangers. He was chased by giant robots, pursued by time-traveling dictators, and even attacked by a pack of zombie velociraptors. But he remained determined to succeed in his mission.

Finally, after many months of time travel, Max stumbled upon a group of scientists who seemed to have the key to ending the zombie plague. They were working on a cure that would reverse the effects of the disease and restore the undead back to their human form.

Max knew that he had to get his hands on this cure and use it to save the world. But as he reached out to grab the vial containing the cure, a bolt of electricity shot out of nowhere and struck him, sending him hurtling through time once again.

As he tumbled through the time-space continuum, Max realized that his journey was far from over. There were still many challenges and dangers ahead, and he would have to continue fighting to save the world from the zombie plague.

His fight continues….

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